Selection of participants

Jun 18, 2018 regulations

by sarlota


The deadline to submit the entry form is 15. September 2021.
All the information has to be e-mailed to , including following :

  • Only 1 song per section.
    If you choose both competitions –you will send one song for The Best Singer competition (as in regulations above ) and one song for The Best New Song competition (as in regulations above )
  • Backing track
    Important: for competition “The Best Singer“ backing track can be with backing vocales,but they are allowed only as a musical ornament and cannot duplicate the main part of the song or cover up the voice of singer. ’’Angel Voice “committee reserve the rights to ask competitor to change backing track if they find it is not not comply with the terms and conditions or if it is not in proper quality . For competition “ The Best New Song“ backing track can be with backing vocales,but they are allowed only as a musical ornament and cannot duplicate the main part of the song or cover up the voice of singer.
  • Video or link (preferably You tube) where he/she is seen performing LIVE a choosen song. The performance can take place on a stage or at home (home video).
  • Entry form filled in and signed by parents or tutor.
  • Curriculum in English, about the artist.
  • Copy of the participant’s identity-card.
  • 3 different photos of competitor ( for promotional material )
  • Copy of the parents or the tutors identity-cards.
  • Privacy form – all forms about the privacy rules, filled in and signed.
  • TV and YOUTUBE – permission to broadcast filming of participants, filled in and signed.
  • Entry fee, and other costs will pay only participants admit to final .

A selection committee, formed by renowned and reputed voice teachers, composers and professional musicians, producers, will select competitors for World Final. A confirmation letter – e mail will be sent out at least on 20. August 2018. to every participant admitted to the World Final.


The participant admitted to the Final competition should send confirmation of their participation in writing (by e-mail) within 25. August 2018. including all what is asked for in “ Angel Voice “/s confirmation letter .

Any participant not providing the items requested will be excluded.

All participants will sing LIVE , with backing track as in regulationes above. ( Band will play live, without backing track )

The song performed in the final competition must be the same – song sent for the pre-selection stage.

The participants admitted to the final must bring with them backing tracks . The music should only be recorded on CD with a perfect sound quality , the CD’s must be verified and checked by the contestants, and have to be without scratches, or any defects.

The sound engineer and the organizers of the festival are not responsible for any problems caused by damage of CD’s brought by the contestants.

The participants must bring with them the originals of the contract with the original signatures ( composer , lyrics , arrangement )- for competition THE BEST NEW SONG.
Approved materials will not be returned. Choreographies or special lighting are not allowed . Also choirs cannot be included.

The participants must be punctual on the day, at the place and time established and communicated previously by the organization or they will be excluded from the competition with no reimbursement.

The texts in competition must not contain expressions which could be found offensive to common decency, and/or the State, Institutions, the Church, or any Religion.

During the performance, attitudes, clothes, movement or behavior which could offend common decency, are not allowed.

Moreover, it is compulsory for the participants to behave correctly according to the rules of public spirit during all stages of the contest and they must respect people and public property.
In the case of any incorrect behavior, the participant will be immediately disqualified.


Judging will be by a qualified panel selected by “Thalia Art Development
Fulcrum” committee.
Decisions made will be final. The Jury will make voting, using judgment standard agreed before competition beginning. Criteria for judging will be most importantly voice quality and overall vocal talent.

Additionally, judges will consider clarity of voice, diction, musicianship, musicality and expression, the singer’s choice of repertoire, communication, presentation, and the performing personality of the singer.