"ANGEL VOICE" is the first - Serbian (Belgrade) music festival and the only one in the region that has a prestigious WAFA license, making it unique in this region. The main goal of the festival is the development of artistic creativity, affirmation of young singers, new children's compositions and compositions for children, connecting children and youth from different parts of the world, as well as the promotion of Belgrade and Serbia. "ANGEL VOICE" has become indispensable on the map of the leading festivals of this type, alongside the most famous festivals. The international final of Belgrade international music festival “ANGEL VOICE 2021“ , is going to take place in Belgrade, beautiful capital city of Serbia , in October 2021. During the festival days, the Belgrade audience will have opportunity to enjoy in performances of the best young musicians and dancers from around the world.


In addition to the competition, finalists will participate in creative workshops of educational character, where everyone will have the opportunity to connect and gain new experiences, as if talking with artists in the field of performing arts to find out how they can improve their performance. Workshops will also hold a lecture on theme, "Working with talented children" as well as Master Class with PhD. Ljiljana Antonijevic (soprano, professor of opera singing, ABRSM instructor for Southeastern Europe). During festival days, participants will also have opportunity to enjoy in sightseeing, socializing, Flag parade and relax at Gala party.


THALIA – Art Development Fulcrum is an association that specializes improvement and development of artistic creativity and culture, the realization and promotion of common goals and interests in the field of cultural and artistic activity and creativity with equal chances and opportunities for everyone who can contribute to this society through their work and creativity, as to improve the quality education of children and youth in the field of art. The main aim of “Thalia" is the art development and promotion- affirmation - of young people, bringing them in contact with experts from the artistic sector and stimulating, creating, organizing, coordinating, supporting, realizing and cultural enrichment and art, among the various forms of art (music, drama, painting, sculpture, dance, literature, film, photography, architecture). We accomplish our goals through organizing concerts, competitions, festivals, educations… Headquarters of “ Thalia – art development fulcrum “ is located in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia.